Misc. Commands

Upgrade SNAFU Itself

A special upgrade syntax to upgrade not a Python version, but SNAFU itself:

snafu upgrade self

This simply downloads the official installer and runs it.

List Pythons

This lists Python versions installed in your system:

snafu list

To list all Python versions available, including uninstalled ones, use:

snafu list --all

Either way, the output would be something like this:

o 2.7
o 3.4
* 3.6
  • The o prefix means the version is installed.
  • * signifies an active version.
  • No prefix if the version is not installed.

Download Python

snafu download <version>

downloads the installer without exicuting it. The installer is saved to the current working directory by default, but you can also specify another directory with the --dest option.

Find Python Installation

snafu where <version>

prints where the installed python.exe really is, usually something like:


This is useful when you need to pass the real executable somewhere else, e.g. set the path to an environment variable in a Powershell script.