Contribute to SNAFU

Development of SNAFU happens on GitHub.

Development Guide


Optional Dependencies

  • NSIS 3.x if you want to build shims and the installer. makensis needs to be available in your shell.

Project Setup

Download and enter the project:

git clone
cd snafu

Set up environment:

pipenv install --dev

Build the shims:

pipenv run invoke

Run Tests

pipenv run pytest tests

Unfortunately there are only very limited tests right now.

Run In-Development SNAFU

pipenv run python -m snafu [COMMAND] ...

This should have the same behaviour as an installed SNAFU command, but run inside the Pipenv-managed virtual environment.

Build Installer

pipenv run invoke

You can only build installers of your host’s architecture. Cross compilation is certainly possible, but I haven’t found the need to set it up.

After the command finishes you should get an EXE in the installers directory.

Build Documentation

pipenv run invoke

Documentation is managed with Sphinx, and hosted on Read the Docs with a custom domain.

Source Code Guideline

Try to follow the code style. For Python code, run the linter to check for issues before submitting:

pipenv run flake8 .

Format of text files are managed with EditorConfig. I recommend using one of the editor plugins to automatically format files. If you can’t/don’t want to do so, please at least make sure you’re using the correct format before sending in pull requests.